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Too young for an eye test ?

A patient stopped me recently to ask when her young granddaughter should be tested as there is a history of poor sight from a young age in the family. Basic visual development testing should be carried out routinely via the NHS in the very early years (0-2) and any obvious sign of eye problems like turning eyes should result in a referral to paediatric eye services. There is no reason not to seek advice from your optometrist who should be able to detect a squint or obvious sight problem from a very early age and may advise an eye test with specific (cycloplegic) eye drops as we can detect errors of sight with special equipment. Reading is NOT necessary. As vision is developing in the first few years of life, failure to correct errors of sight can result in a lifetime of reduced vision (lazy eyes). All children should have a full, professional eye test before school. If in doubt, please contact me.

#eyecare #childrenshealth #eyehealth #eyesight

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