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Personalised Service

We have all been through the challenge of finding the right glasses to fit our face shape, style and price range. We are constantly looking to upgrade our glasses selection to make sure we have the widest range of glasses possible to help you in your hunt for the perfect pair.

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Icy, Lazer, Episode...

Our all-in-one package which covers the cost of frames and lenses.


£50 TO £150

Elle, Flexon, Stepper...

A wide range of frames from top quality brands, including Oakley, William Morris, Emporio Armani, Flexon and Elle. We have frames in all shapes and sizes within this range, offering style, durability and functionality.



Ray Ban, Prada, Silhoutte....

This range includes world renowned brands offering the highest quality with the latest in eyewear fashion which focus on style and comfort.

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Oakley, Ray Ban, Adidas...

From iconic Raybans, market-leading sportswear provider, Oakley and the classical elegance of Elle, we aim to cover all your sunwear needs.

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