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New Year, New Focus

At this time of year we revisit our health usually in light of Christmas excess. I am going to suggest that, especially as it is gloomy and eyesight never seems as good, you think about eye health too.

Naturally I would advise regular eye tests, not only to check for eye health, but also underlying conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure. The routine interval for an eye test is two years, although your optometrist may advise more frequent tests in the event of certain signs. Do NOT wait for that reminder card to land on your mat if you have concerns about your eyes thinking you will have to pay for an early NHS funded test. If we think you need one, it will be provided at no cost to you. Naturally, those of you who pay privately will have to eat into the family fortune for this.

While you’re eating healthily, remember that a balanced diet reduces the risk of eye disease. Try to get plenty of Omega-3 fats (oily fish are good for this) and Lutein (spinach and kale along with other dark green leafies tick the box) and Vitamins A,C and E are valuable, so try to eat your 5 portions of fruit and veg per day. If there is a family history of macula degeneration, there is now a range of nutritional supplements like Nurof and Macushield, so why not ask your optometrist?

PS. The pub myth that wearing specs or contact lenses makes your eyesight worse is just that-a pub myth. They help your eyes work more efficiently, so if you are advised to wear eyesight correction, please follow that wisdom.

There is a mountain of stuff written about eyes and computers and most people are aware that a 15 minute break every two hours is a advised (haha I hear some of you say). Well, those eye muscles are working hard and excessive near focusing, even with normal sight, can cause tiredness and headaches. Make sure your screen is not reflecting light from that lovely window behind you or bulb above you. If so, get a screen cover to kill that off. Make sure your screen is sufficiently bright to allow you to see writing clearly. Try the 20/20/20 rule-look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to relax the eye muscles and of course remember to blink! The usual blink rate of some 15 times a minute is reduced by 2/3 while concentrating on the screen and we are also guilty of shallow, quick blinks which don’t spread the tears effectively over the eye. If you feel the eyes are particularly gritty or red, try lubricating drops from your optometrist. We sell lots and it can replace a life ot eye misery believe me!

More pearls soon. Happy New Year.

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