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Varilux X series."The best varifocal we've ever designed."

The Varilux X series is the end product of truly extraordinary research by Essilor into the way the eyes behave when we look at near objects. Think of how the modern world involves near vision tasks at a range of different distances and positions of gaze, each slightly unique. So often, the main complaint about varifocal lenses is that we have to “aim” our eyes exactly at the point of interest which is demanding and tiring after a few hours. Not just the eyes, but body posture have been factored into thinking about these new, innovative lenses. The beauty of this thinking is that it has generated lenses that require less movement of the head to find the right spot when multi-tasking at arm's length. A significant move forward in depth and breadth of vision for you to enjoy. Coupled with this is an Eye Protect System to protect the eyes by absorbing selected blue-violet light and UV light entering the lens. After many years of fitting multifocal lenses and seeing the gradual improvement in their performance, I am very excited by this new lens and hope it provides excellent vision for new and established varifocal patients. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate in contacting the practice. "Our greatest leap in near vision quality", say Essilor. That's quite something!

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